Sapphire Adhesive

Introducing the first Carbon-free, Sapphire Blue colored Lash Adhesive.  Sapphire is designed for expert lash artists for classic & volume applications.


- 0.5 Second dry time (almost instant)

- Wide range for humidity 20-75%

- Wide range for temperature 18-24C

- Suitable for clients allergic to carbon black

- Works the same as a clear adhesive, with the added pigment to aid control.

- Lasts full length of lash cycle (Up to 10 weeks).

* Extremely low fume

* Extremely fast drying

* Oil resistant - use any makeup or makeup remover!  Great for clients with poor retention.

* Open bottle lasts up to 3 months

* Sealed bottle lasts up to 6 months

* Latex Free

* Formeldehyde Free

* Vegan & Cruelty Free